Still plugging away

no new version quite yet

As usual everything takes me longer than I think it will. I’m also just barely into three weeks of work where I only get one day off between each week :(

I’m almost done with study path #6 so only one and a bit to go.

I also completed new “sleep” animation (the moon in the night sky thing) and put in the edits to Lucifers path from Gryph.

I have to admit I got a bit distracted because I don’t like that I have no expressions for any of the characters so I ended up making something like 77 sprites of Lucifer the other day and I really do want to put them in (Although realistically I’d only use something around 50 of them. There are so many because he has like 11 outfits or variations of outfits :P)

Anyhoo, that’s a bit of a progress report for you all :)

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Just a suggestion, Gryphbear apparently learned how to have one sprite and overlay clothes on them, like a paper doll. It'd lower the amount of work needed if you could figure out how to do that.

Anyway, I just finished the demo and loving it so far. 

Hehe yeah, I made those sprites for him :) definitely thought about doing that but with 3D modelling it actually doesn’t reduce the work any (it can actually increase it a bit) but it would reduce overall file size so it might be something to consider anyways :)

And thank you, I’m glad you liked it so far!


Yep, it's great! So odd to me so many people have had trouble getting the good ending. It's not like it's hard to do (pun not intended). 

Think I got the dildo set on day 2 and had plenty of time to max that plus max physical and education. 

Yeah it’s thrown me a bit too because I was going to make it a bit harder with having actual content for studying and working but now I’m not so sure...


Any way to put it in as an optional in settings? I'd like if it was tougher, but apparently some users are derps.


thank for good news do not hurry do as you want and I am sure you will succeed


Thank you! *hugs*