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NEW VERSION as of Jun 16, 2019!

What the game is about:

Incubus Academy is a slice of life game about a young devil who's decided to follow his passions and become a full fledged Incubus. He has to take an accelerated course load and manage to keep his grades up. He'll be taking classes from seven hunky professors and hopefully helping them a little on the way.

The full cast:

The main character:
He's in his early 20s. Bummed around for a couple of years after graduating high school and has finally decided on his future.

Professor Lucifer:
Teaches Martial Arts. Takes a lot of pride in everything he does. Seems to be completely confident and in control, but something's not quite right.

Professor Asmodeus:
Teaches Physiology. This guy is trying to get into everyone's pants. I wonder how he'd feel about a real relationship?

Professor Mammon:
Teaches Economics. Money, money, money. This Scottish fellow is hard to understand but certainly pulls in the dosh. I wonder if he can teach you his ways?

Professor Belphegor:
Teaches Food Science. This jovial fellow feeds the whole campus and is always up for an adventure. More is always better.

Professor Beelzebub:
Teaches Language Arts. What a chip on this guy's shoulder! Woe is him. Maybe he just needs someone to show him some support and caring?

Professor Sathanas:
Teaches Physical Education. A total hot-head. Don't get on his bad side!

Professor Abaddon:
Teaches Computer Science. If there's a way to get a computer to do it for him. He's game. Maybe you can get him to go outside sometime?


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IncubusAcademy-0.21-mac.zip 221 MB
IncubusAcademy-0.21-pc.zip 238 MB

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for now, yes 

Hi Deevil, how's the condition? Any progress and update? Thanks!


I've played Lucifer route and it was really good can't wait for Asmodeus route.

thank you! 


is the project still alive?


hi! thanks for checking in. Its going to be undergoing a redo, but yeah, I'll be working on it (very slowly). Hope to have something out in a few months (please don't quote me on that).

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That is nice.

Have at least two routes that I wanted to play in that story.

This is the game that I like more from the ones you have here.


Cant wait when you start working on the project again because there not a lot of games like this but it seems interesting and fun so please when you get your "steam" back could continue the game😀😀

Re- hi Deevil, I hope all is well.

Even though I'm still always so much in love with the main character after all this time... - do you plan to work in another road than Professor Lucifer soon? - then I would have been curious to see that one of Professor Asmodeus, then his character is absolutely handsome.
Take care of yourself.

Hi John,

One day I hope to continue the game :) I'm just not sure when. I sort of lost steam on it and made it a lot more complicated than I should have :P  I'm working on other projects at the moment, and unfortunately have to completely redo all the character sprites for Incubus Academy so it'll be a long time from now, if ever, that I take it back up. Sorry!


Don't worry, I understand you.

(then I follow your work since the beginning, but previously I did it hidden under a pseudonym ... - and I know very well how hard it is for you) 

Hugging you tight... 

See ya young mate.


I congratulate you and thank you very much for the work you put into this. This is a masterpiece, I loved it. I hope I can read the other routes, although personally I am interested in abaddon jsjs. very good job and I wish you good luck. Although I am very sad that you are going through a difficult situation, I very much hope that you will get ahead and achieve what you want. Please don't abandon this project, even if an update is delayed, I'll wait, okay? just don't quit. YOU CAN!


thank you for your kind words! One day I’ll get back to it :) although I will probably want to redo all the sprites, etc. :P


Yeah,me too.

Deleted 152 days ago

Consider it dead for now but I will work on it in the future. I just can’t commit to any timeline at this point. 


Hopefully update as soon as possible cause I love this game so much~~~Thx


Thanks LoganLim :)

Hey so uh I downloaded the android version but everytime I try and install it it says that it can't be installed and I wanna play this game really bad cause it looks like a great game. I need help pls.

With Android it doesn't want to install unless you give it permission to install from unknown sources. Usually the android device explains how to do it (something like "allow for this installation only" when you try to run the apk file).  I'll see if I can get better instructions for you.

Android users:

If you're having trouble installing the apk: 

1. Make sure you have allow installation of apps from unknown sources on in your settings (to be safe, do it just for this one program so you don't end up installing unwanted apps another time). 

2. Have approximately 250mb  or more of free space.

Ok thanks it works now and so far the game is amazing

Any news on update? Been a year.


yeah... it's still on the back burner... :(


How do you work out in the game

It should be an option when you’re at your dorm. Where you can also study, work, etc. (I’m not at my computer so I can’t check). 


Hey, I've been playing the game and I love it so far! However, is the game meant to have no music or voices, or am I going crazy? I can see the volume bars in settings, but the only thing I hear is the phone sound effects whenever I'm interacting with it.

You’re not going crazy :) there is no music in there at this point. 


i hope professor sathanas is the next romance,because i think he's very attractive. this game is amazing! thank you devil! have a nice day. 

thanks! It’ll either be Sathanas or Beelzebub :)


I'm rooting for Sathanas


I did the Lucifer Route and got the Bad ending how can i get the good one? please help me i really want to know Because this is a super game

you need to study, work out and stretch yourself. At the end, lucifer should tell you what you did wrong (“I need someone who...”, followed by something about smarts, physique or something like that). I hope that helps!

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Thank you that really helped I also replayed the Game skipping Most of it and i really Like the good end 

About the Game:I really liked it It's pretty And i Like the Story also the good ending where my charackter lives happily Jeep Up the good Work and this Game will BE in the top 10

thank you! :D

Um how exactly do you play the game after you download it? I feel like I'm missing something.

PC, or Mac? Should just unzip and run the exe if on PC

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Actually I got it lol thank you 

I think windows has a built in unzipper. You should be able to double click on it and then choose where to extract it. 



is there a way to play all the other guys ?


not yet! I’ve got some more stuff done and working with a writer friend on other routes but it’ll still be a while (it’s been 11 months since the last release :( ). Lesson learned: don’t make your first project so bloody big!



i downloaded it today and completed lucifer route, it was awesome like the way the get together and graphics are awesome too,, i was thinking if u add   some hidden/secret choices to open  special scenes , it will be awesome. btw game is awesome now m downloading demo of a day in the park, hoping its awesome too


Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^


You got this dude/gal/*Insert other gender here* :)


alien is a gender ? 


if you want i guess

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did it can update game ? so long days no update it game,  I wait for update it game 


I know it's been a very long time :( tbh right now with all the chaos I don't know when. I'm still working (thank goodness) but was planning selling my home, paying off debt and moving to a cheaper area. That's all out the window now. Don't know when I'll have the time to devote to it but I'll do something eventually.


it okay,  I know it very difficult,  I don't mind wait update game


thank you :)

Any update on this yet?

I know it's been a very long time :( tbh right now with all the chaos I don't know when. I'm still working (thank goodness) but was planning selling my home, paying off debt and moving to a cheaper area. That's all out the window now. Don't know when I'll have the time to devote to it but I'll do something eventually.

Deleted 1 year ago
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hello! I don’t have a date yet. It’s gotten complicated but hope for something in the not-too-distant future. 

is there a walkthrough?


Hi TMNT252 ! There's no walkthrough but if you follow what BlueJayBeautie said about 10 days ago (under Cirenix's post from 20 days ago) you should be good ^_^

Can't wait for Beelzebub's update, great VN! Loving it so far!


thank you! *hugs*

Sooo is possible to have a good ending with Lucifer?
I'm trying and re-playing the route but is impossible to achieve it.


definitely is possible... make sure you’ve... stretched enough... studied...

I actually did it. Try buying a dildo training kit. It helps. Also, be considerate. Gentle. He's a gentle giant.

I don't know what the set numbers are but I was at about 70% studies and Training while fully stretched (21/20 cm) when I got his good ending otherwise just be kind, understanding, protective, loyal, etc... And it is possible to be buy all the requirements, be fully stretched, 100% both grades and get the good ending. You don't need to do any side activities and I don't think you need to work either.

thanks for answering BlueJayBeautie :) much appreciated (and saved me from looking at the code lol) . Next update will have side stuff for studying and Sathanas’ route. Just no idea when I’ll be done it :P

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YW and I understand the whole chaotic life thing... I am excited you are back on the project though. I actually wanted Sathanas route too so I'm glad that one is next. (What can I say I like BIG men and big dicks hopefully he has both for a double whammy of hotness. Not that he needs to be monstrously huge like Lucifer.)


Are you alive? We've only had radio silence from you since you paused the development of the VN. Has there been any progress?

sorry, somehow I missed your message. I'll reply with what I replied to another poster yesterday, "I’ve got some more stuff done and working with a writer friend on other routes but it’ll still be a while (it’s been 11 months since the last release :( ). Lesson learned: don’t make your first project so bloody big!"


How did I even get 0% in Economics, Physiology, and Language Arts whereas 100% in Martial Arts and Phys Ed.

that likely would have been exercising (gym) but not doing any studying.. i'm going to try to make this more clear in future versions that you actually have to study while in school (to a different level depending on the route) as well as exercise (again, some profs will care more about this than others)... Lucifer, of course, is a bit of a perfectionist and is going to want you to try your best (he'll feel bad if he was too much of a distraction for you).


Hey came to check in. Don't worry about the next update. You're doing great. It is a free game after all, people shouldn't expect so much as they do. 


thanks :D I’m going to try for more on my Christmas break from work (no promises though or the pressure will guarantee no progress :P)

So... Any news on the progress of the game?, should we worry?

I’m not sure it’s worth worrying about lol but yeah, um life and stuff. I will do more, but when is the problem :(


It is worth worrying about. This is one of the best visual novels I've ever seen, so I want to see more of it. I don't mean to pressure, but it's how I feel... 

Agree. I check always when I have the chance. This game is awesome and sexy.

thank you! I promise I will work on it more. I gave a side project near completion then I’ll be back to it. *hugs*

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do coach next owo


That’s the plan :)


Its been 99 days when is the next update?

No idea at this time :( life’s been a mess


Dude is the next update is already in progress?

No idea at this time :( life’s been a mess


is there gonna be a next update with the  game

No idea at this time :( life’s been a mess


OMG! Another game that will pop my eyes out

and blow up my graphics card


Don't worry about it. All images are pre-rendered.


Hello Deevil I want to know if there will be a new one soon public version 

I wish I could say yes :( I have no idea when tbh :( 


Fortnite is oof

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Hey Dude when is the update of the professor asmodeus (The time we gonna have a date with him) And your game is cool it make me feel good :) -winks-


thanks! I’m sloooooooow. Sathanas is next. Assuming I’m not hit by a bus or something before finishing it :P


Ok good luck, i love ur game and i like all the characters :D


[Spoilers] I liked Lucifer's story but

  • How am I supposed to know I need over % for finals? Why should I be punished for that?
  • Can be resolved with a "Hey you should stop failing" scene with Lucky
  • Should I assume I need a certain % for physicality?
  • Why should I have to choose 1/6 professors for advice?
  • It encourages backtracking (unless that's what you want....)

As a player, I just found these unfair how I got the bad ending after developing a relationship with Lucifer simply because I didn't study enough when I saw no reason to. Just as I saw no reason to buy the suits, game consoles, movie passes, use the sauna or shower, or exercise. I did see a reason to stretch my rectum. Players simply won't do things that don't have an effect or aren't given a reason to care.

    Maybe, because it's my first time playing and not knowing what to do is natural, I just made me really salty that I got the bad ending. Again, great game. Spent about 2 hours on it last night. Great sex scenes. Keep up the good work.

all good points :) it’s my first game so not quite structured perfectly (an understatement lol!). I’m hoping to clean things up in future releases (but I’m horribly slow!)


Thanks for listening! It's very good for your first game. I remember my first Fanfic. Criiiinge.  I played through it pretty seemlessly so it's not horribly structured. It's okay if you're slow. We all have business to take care of, and your well-being comes first.  Looking forward to new updates

When next update gonna release?

wish I could say with 100% certainty but I’m hoping sometime in October 


which route had you been working on now? im curious whose next in line! unless your working on bug fixes or some other thing i dont understand. then well hope its nothing annoying!

Next should be Sathanas (although I lost some of the skin modifications I did to him I think I can recreate them...) and I’ll have the studying routes done also. *fingers crossed*

well fingers corssed nothing goes wrong! 

Add Belphegor story soon 0ls!

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