New! Version 0.21

Incubus Academy v21

-PLEASE NOTE previous saves will not work properly

-Disabled the "taking pictures" function (it only worked on PCs)

-Made a gallery (accessed through the phone like pictures were in previous builds)

-new ANDROID version available!

-Minor script fixes

-Lucifer route is complete (ish)

Get Incubus Academy [bara] [18+] [nsfw]

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I just downloaded the new version and played through it from my last save point. I maxed out fitness and using the toys. I got the bad ending, but there was never an option to study for specific classes, and I was unable to use my phone because I kept receiving error messages.  

Ack. I’m sorry I should have specified that previous saves likely wouldn’t work, due to too many structural changes with variables and such (it’ll probably be the same for the next version too). Thank you for letting me know!


That makes perfect sense!!
I deleted all my old save files, started over and I got the good ending. 

Yay! Thanks for trying it again :D

New Poll on Patreon (anyone can vote though, you don't have to be a patron).

What would you like to see next?

So now that I have one route complete (more or less) what would people like to see next?


how to get the good and perfect ending

hi, thanks for playing. There are only 2 endings (at this time) a good and a bad.  To get the good ending you'll want to make sure you have um... stretched enough (you'll need to go to the adult store), also keep studying and exercising. Other than that, look for Lucifer's reactions to the choices you make (love points). You should be able to figure it out from there :) You can always go back to your previous selection and choose another one.  

Also check out your picture gallery (in the phone)   . There are 25 CGs to collect there.  A good ending should get you 24 out of 25 of those. There's 1 image from a bad choice (although you could still get a perfect ending even when choosing that if you keepup the good choices after).

is hard to get a good end

I don't want to give away too much in an open forum but you can DM me on twitter and I'll give you a personalized walkthrough :)


Nice work! Can't wait for Mammon's route!

Thanks! :)