Progress Report - Cracking the Whip

Hi all,

Just a quick update to let you know that:

1) I'm so sorry it's taken so long... 

2) I have added more stuff (not released yet) but broke some game mechanics (and sprites) in the process and they might be a little too slutty too so I'm not even sure about including them if I'm honest... (although you probably shouldn't do the slutty stuff anyways if you're doing Lucifer's route... and you're not forced to.).

3) Some of this side-route art is... not my best... It's okay but I don't know. I feel like I do better stuff now than when I created it.

4) I have a friend who is helping me with other routes. It is likely that Sathanas will not be the next route (even though I asked on patreon and he was the winner). If I'm getting help, I want the help to be in their wheelhouse and what they're passionate about. The rest will come albeit not when I intended.

5) Thank you all for your patience.  Making this game was... a mistake LOL. I never thought it would take quite as much effort/time as it does or that I'd complicate it as much as I did.  New developer syndrome for sure :P

6) I'll likely still be doing side projects (otherwise I'll burn out) so please don't be upset when you see something else released.

Love to you all, hope you're doing well!


Get Incubus Academy [dead] [bara] [18+] [nsfw]


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wish you all the best!

been 3 years wish you the best dude but put dead in your games title

done. thanks for the suggestion.


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Rio de Janeiro, September 16th 2020


I didn't play the game yet.

But by what you said. I could say.

In some novels I played have the adult version and a option to play in a not very adult or not "slut". 8p Hahah I prefer to say that are deep love scenes. So the player can choose the way they will enjoy the game.

Of course this is just more work for you to create the not adult scenes.

But I am sure some people going to prefer use a virtual machine to travel inside the game. Heheh If that could be even possible.

So you shouldn't mind add more stuff in the game.




Hi Deevil, just take your time and we all can wait for next update. More patient we wait, more exciting story you made it. Keep it up, Deevil. Hugs~~~


You know, it's never too late to stop :P

If you truly believe that making this is a mistake, you'd be making more mistakes as you update it. When I was reading, you seemed very doubtful of your own capabilities. Not everyone is a developer, and it's a good thing that not everyone needs to be. If that's your goal though, go for it. Anywho, I hope the rest of your days go smoothly, I enjoy the game, and I don't know what you go through to make it, nor will I try to act like I do, but I appreciate it either way. *hugs*


thanks :) I was, perhaps, being a bit overdramatic lol. I meant more that starting with a big project was a mistake :) I’ve learned a lot since I first released it and could have done better. But hindsight is 20/20, right? I’ll keep plugging away at it though (while also doing more concise projects). 


All cool! I'm glad you are learning because that's what life's all about. I'm loving the look of your other games, too! Your pfp is perfect too, make him the main character >3>


Hey Deevil, don't stress yourself, we can wait, I am not a developer but I've played many games in development to know how  stressful it is to make a game on your own or with a team. Besides all games that are good and fun take time and patience, and just by playing your game with the progress you've made. I can assure you that your game is doing great and I know that once you have finished it it will still remain to be great or even much more better than before, because you put your heart into it and so mucho work. So lift your chin up, back straight and walk with your head high, be proud and always remember that you have people that support you, you are never alone and have fun once in a while, relax, you have time and fell that you are loved.

Your fan: BonnieXD56

Sorry that my message is a bit long, got a little caught in the moment, ance I finished I realized how long it was. XD

I really appreciate the sweet words! *hugs* consider me a fan of yours too! :D


Awww, it's a honor to have you as a fan. I am a culinary student, I mostly like to do desserts, so thinking that one day you might try one of my desserts really boost my creavings to continue my career. So thank you for that, it really helped me a lot. Love you and your work. 


I've not played this game since finishing the lion's route, waiting up updates but take your time and don't stress yourself.

thank you :)

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this stuff is far from easy to do, so keep doing the amazing job your doing. And well get sparks of joy when you burst out of the woodwork saying “i did a thing”

*hugs* thank you!


Can't wait to play the new version :)

Thank you! It'll still be a little ways off, I don't have a timeframe yet. ;( but I'll try to be better at keeping everyone posted.


Omg you do you!! Thanks for your self-assessment, honestly we're just lucky to see your work! Can't wait!

Thank you! :)


your good it takes time for some things. 

Thank you :D