Update to v0.85 - minor bug fixes

Hi all,

I've uploaded new versions of all the files (new version is 0.85, old was 0.84), in android it likely means you'd have to delete your old apk and then install the new apk (unless I magically actually got it to work with overwriting itself... I doubt it...)

There's not much reason to upgrade from 0.84 to 0.85 unless you really want to see the whole gallery filled in properly. Everything else is very minor.

bug fixes:

-fixed the name in the menu option when you're servicing Bjorn
-fixed gallery items 7 and 8 (either the image wouldn't load when clicking, or didn't exist and threw an error, oops!)
-fixed dialogue in Bjorn's route 
-slightly fixed some animation speed in Bjorn's route (still hope to completely redo them later)
-fixed wrong sound in max servicing the protagonist
-got rid of some blank space at the beginning of the sucking sound file
-fixed when pissing sound starts in max's route
-minor dialogue fixes in tyler's route
-fixed looping sound issue when tyler is ....ing the protagonist

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