BARAJAM 2022 Complete!

BaraJam2022 is done tomorrow and we just squeaked in the demo in time.  We should have a full game out in December. Most of it is already done, but I have another 8 or so CGs to finish up the lot and we'd like to flesh out the story a bit more as well! the demo has about 25% of the full game and about 90% of the full game is done already.

Hope you enjoy what we've got so far!

Deevil and Robin!

Files 346 MB
69 days ago 312 MB
69 days ago
sinfulritualsinthedark-0.991-linux.tar.bz2 316 MB
69 days ago
com.incubusgames.sinfulritualsinthedark-release.apk 332 MB
69 days ago


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I like the 3d art, story and animations but the deal breaker for me is the fact that we cannot see the MC 

will this be the case even in the full version?

I was going for a self-insert for this project. TBH I probably won't do that again, it's been a pain the ass :P The MC will be shows at the end... with the good(?) ending however.