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Is it just a few short minutes to warm us up without anything else, or would I have missed something ...? (especially since the part that interested me is just in scribbles ... LOL)
It sounds like a cool game, but short and without anything special ...
For me, I can't really judge much, and even though I find some of these orcs pretty cute, they're not really the type of character that I like ...
Will the rest of the game always be like this, or will there be real adult content? ;-) (I'm kidding of course, since there is some pretty hot writing ...) - by the way, it's an excellent narrative!

Take good care of yourself

I leave you a big hug from Paris



There will be more for sure :) Pau and I are still working on it!

Is it possible to unlock new clothes in the demo?

just one extra pair of undies for now...

Ohh I see, so I'm waiting for more 😁

Pau’s a bit obsessed with more clothing options so should be lots eventually lol


The android version did not work open the application and exit.

thanks for letting me know! I’ll try re-building it soon!

Should be all fixed now @Bruno55555 (hit me up on twitter and I'll send you a free code for my other games). Thanks for the bug report!


er... Now it's fixed :P (thanks Robin for the assist!)


Looking forward to how this game develops!

Thanks! Us too :)


PauPerish 💜

His artstyle is extremely unique excellent combo collaborating with them woo!

aww thanks 😘