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Sooooo, I gotta say that just seeing a friend play it made me donate my last dollar because the concept is fun, the use of time within the game is also not too wonky and makes you really feel like you’re having an impact on how you spend the day. I can’t wait until more aspects are completed (and maybe more animations as well as customization tools are added but I don’t wanna ask for too much tho). Imagine you could wear your leather suit or have a dildo sticking out of you (or any new cool outfits they come up with) and move around? 

I feel like this game can be really great if enough attention to detail is paid where the decision making is concerned (much like any choose your own adventure) and that it might actually be quite addicting.  I did have problems with my sound and I couldn’t figure it out but that was really the only complaint(?). Keep up the good work guys, we definitely need more erotica dedicated to our audience in the gaming world lolz. 

Im super excited to see what this could be!!

Thank you for the kind words! The time thing, to be honest, I think may get very boring after weeks of doing the same things in game so I need to strip it down to it’s basics a bit :) 

I wanna preface this with a slight apology for the lengthiness but idk, feedback is important >.> idk <.<maybe not all >.<

But yea, I don't think its TOO boring. In fact, I initially thought it would feel grueling to have to pick repeatedly what you wanted to study or do but the existence of plotlines in the background kinda breaks up the mundanity in such a way that it feels like your constantly making your choices in anticipation of what you might run into next with any of the professors. I replayed the demo in several ways, first exploring how the food options or items in each shop affected the days. I was glad to see the main avatar switch between the outfits purchased for each class and to find that the books you bought could be used to study with. I also noticed that studying did change my grades which made me curious about what effects that could have on perhaps your relationships with each teacher and if it would prompt any secret actions. I found the food system somewhat amusing but dull at times. Sadly, price was really the only variable for the food but I still enjoyed imagining eating some of the options or even just laughing at my character for being forced to eat Pork Ramen or Leftovers for the 3rd day in a row. 

Though it may have been a little grindy, I think the "promise" (or, rather the prospect) of some erotica may have dampened that for me personally. I mean some of us really focus well when we're trying to er, um.. enjoy things of this nature xD. I do appreciate that there are some actions only available at particular times of the day because it mimics life in a familiar way. But I do agree that it could be somewhat simplified (but hopefully not too simplified as I really do enjoy it as it is and I feel like I'm not the gamer I once was so, for something to feel a little fun despite the grindy nature, color me impressed). 

Thanks for replying and Good Luck going forward!

Great feedback! I’ll definitely keep your comments in mind:)

How soon can we expect the next release...? @^@


Hi! Thanks for asking. It’ll be a little while longer for sure. But I’ll do my best!


Good to know! 

I am hoping to see this coming out for android.


I’ll try! This month has suuuuucked. Too busy at work and too many home issues :( hopefully something in april

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I am sorry to hear that... Hope it gets better soon ;)

The Incubus Academy looks promising.

I am looking forward to it.

Btw haven't you tried Tennis Ace from this site? (I didn't saw it on your profile) It's were my profile pic is from. I know you are somewhat rivals but at least in my case I can say I am voting fair and supporting with the same money. It's just that it's my favourite VN right now...

(It may not be devilish but it's realistic besides the animal characters)

Good luck and succes for future plans!


Sounds interesting I’ll have to check it out:)


Oh definetly. Maybe you can even catch some ideas for your own work. I don't believe that you would copy anything, how so, right? So I don't think that's a bad idea, right and its optional.

The characters in Tennis Ace are some true workaholics ^^ There's no need for that in real life...

Again have a good time and don't push yourself too hard if you feel pressure. 

Love the art style and I look forward to future updates! Just, may I get a hint if there is something specific I should do when I'm doing Prof. Lucifer's route? There were a Iot of available choices so I tried many different options and different combinations of them. But it seems that right now they are not yet completed?


Yes, there is a lot of incomplete stuff :( I'm hoping I'll be able to work on more soon! (doing this solo and working full-time means I can't go as quickly as I'd like *sigh*).  Lucifer wants to make sure you wear your gi, and don't make a big deal out of his... situation. If you got the choices correct you should get a shy shower scene :)


Oh yeah I managed to get the shower scene. Maybe the sausage the MC had for lunch helped... ? XD 

Anyhoo I'm looking forward to more stuff being added, especially the frisky ones ;)

me too! lol

Damnnn im so impressed by this game! can't wait for the new updates, good job!

Awww, thanks ^_^

By the way, if you haven't already, check out Hijiri's "Where The White Doves Rest" It's a great game ^_^

:3 what is the status of the other routes?

They're coming along... to be honest, my problem is with having them all interact. I *think* (unless someone wants to program for me?) I'm going to have to simplify the non-route interactions. But I'm trying!


I am loving the redesigns of the game in general, though, the game seems to be much shorter now.


That’s not surprising. In a way it is, but it should be much easier for me to add content now :) so more coming soon! (I’ll also be simplifying the side items like jobs, meals, etc. I was finding them repetitive and boring :P)


Okay, sounds good. 


Just had to fix my 0.10 version (I kept the file name the same but Tai Chi shouldn't break things now).


Will I have the option to be a slut and fuck around or will I have to choose 1 specific professor? I like Lucifer, Sathanas and Abaddon.

Originally I wanted to do the slut thing :) but, to be honest, that's a pain in the butt to do with so many characters and have a believable story. So, it will be 1 route per professor (with, hopefully, some side content you could do in any route).

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I completely understand and I think I'll focus on professor Sathanas.

A really great demo so far, can't wait for the full game and all of the kinky things yet to come!

Thanks! Something more by Tuesday :)


Oh, how often is your upload schedule/when do you update the game?

I've been terrible so far! But I'm hoping for once a month at minimum going forward. I work full-time and I do all the rendering, story-writing and coding myself (and made it a bit more complex than I should have for a first project :P)

Alrighty, please don't overdo it.


Hi all! I *think* I'll have an update by Tuesday *fingers crossed* at least with the updated sprites/backgrounds and more of Lucifer's route. Wish me luck!


Hi all!

If you haven't already, check out Yearning: A Gay Story by Bob Conway.

 loved the demo, can't wait to learn more in economics!


Thanks! Hope to have more soon!


hey all, just want to let you know I’ve started back up in this. I really want happy with some of the character designs so redoing some of them to make them more Bara :) 

is there a new full version of this

There will be more versions :) With the holidays, work and my work on a side-project, it's taking longer than I want (I'm trying to improve my skills in the 3d art!). Hopefully soon! Thanks for your patience :)


Hey guys :) Just want to say I haven't forgotten about this game ^_^  I will definitely be updating (for one I need to fix a bunch of the art!) I also need to rework a few things, but I'll try to have some content up in the next few weeks I hope.  I've been focused on a side-project (that I've been using to help me improve my skills for this, my main project).  

Thank you for your patience!

Sorry for any confusion folks! I had the Mac version tagged as Windows and the Windows version tagged as Mac. Whoops!


Love the setup for this, dating college professors is definitely a bit of a dream of mine, also a very nice and diverse cast, love abbadon, sathanas and Lucifer.

Hope I can wrestle and go to the sauna and showers with them in the future ;) hows progress going?

Thanks for the feedback! I have to agree those three came out the best :). I’m hoping for another release by the end of December (we’ll see!) and continue monthly from there. I don’t want the project to go stagnant at all. 

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